Galway Dog Club


Dog Agility is a fun sport, where a dog and a handler work together as a team. 

The dog's task is to complete a course of obstacles correctly and as fast as possible, while being guided by their human handler. 

Both team members have to learn to do their job well, and both the dog and the handler train and run the course together. 

Dogs love agility, because its all about running, jumping, having a job to do and interacting with their best friend (you!). 

The way we train agility is stress-free and full of wonderful rewards. 
Handlers get to spend quality time with their happy pet, learn dog-training skills, work together towards a goal, exercise, meet like-minded people, laugh a lot and feel excited about all the small and big achievements! 

But the biggest benefit goes to the relationship between the handler and the dog: 
  • better understanding of what our dogs are telling us and how they respond to our body language and their environment -the mutual trust and appreciation grows
  • the confidence in each other and the self-confidence of both handler and dog grows. Nervous dogs have an opportunity to develop a range of coping skills for stress associated with other dopes, people, strange objects, new places and new surfaces.
  • working together towards a goal makes you a better team in everyday life 
  • the regular focused exercise helps to loosen tension and frustration. 
  • if you train agility, you are more likely to start doing other happy, stimulating and health-promoting activities together, perhaps tricks, flyball or obedience.

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